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When a young rap artist does a short stint in county jail, he gets out to find the single he cut that was going nowhere has sold 500,000 copies and he is the new star of gangsta variety. As he buys into the gangsta image he finds being a gangsta comes with a heavy price.


In an effort to escape his abusive home life, Kevin forms a rap group with a couple of his buddies and record a single which does fairly well on the local circuit. After a night out on the town with his buddies, an altercation takes place, and Kevin finds himself incarcerated, and spends two weeks in the county jail . Upon release, he is surprised to see that his record has sold over 600,000.00 copies, and that he is the "talk of the town". He is approached by Frank "Cranky" Cagnolatti, the local big shot, who convinces Kevin to utilize his new found fame to gain fortune.


Once Kevin accepts "Cranky's terms, he changes his name to "Kill'em Dead," and completely submerges himself into his new image. Before long it becomes increasingly difficult for Kevin to separate fantasy from reality and the walls start to close in on Kevin. Written by Evans, Brian Jervay

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